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About Hero Audio


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Launching the Internet’s first superhero technology audio products. Our marketplace and community network is lifestyle-oriented, featuring contemporary comic and movie brands and lifestyle items.

We employ the philosophy of “Form follows Function”, we pride ourselves on carrying the most innovative and licensed superhero merchandise.

Hero Audio is a leading player in the audio distribution industry with a fast-expanding presence in Southeast Asia.

The company has been in existence since 2015 and grew from strength to strength under the leadership of a team with 20 years’ experience in the consumer electronics industry and eCommerce.

In early 2016, Hero Audio embarked a strategic alliance with Camino. Currently, the management team is made up of a group of young professionals whose goal is to take Hero Audio out of the traditional retail network, break into new grounds and creatively position the company on the cutting edge.

Hero Audio has acquired the official merchandising rights in distributing 1:1 bluetooth wireless speaker inspired from international movies which includes Disney, Marvel Comics, Iron Man, Star Wars and other popular movie characters.

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